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DIY 4-Wheel Tire Inflator/Deflator Kit

If you are not deflating your tires for off-roading already, there are two big reasons for you to start. It protects your tires (lower pressure lets the tires “wrap” around rocks and spread the pressure over a larger surface area… Continue Reading →

DIY F150 Raptor Bumper Swap

We were lucky to score an OEM bumper off of a Gen 1 Raptor, and figured it would be a great way to eliminate some of the rubbing we had on our 2014 F150 with the 35in tires. Yes, you… Continue Reading →

5th Generation 4Runner: First Impressions

It’s been just about a month since I upgraded my mom-mobile to a 5th gen Toyota 4Runner. My first impression of the beast? Awesome. I love having Val’s truck (now a 2nd gen Raptor) for our camping weekends and longer… Continue Reading →

Campground Coffee

At home, I am a big coffee drinker. Like, you would probably judge me if I told you how many cups of coffee I drink per day. I’ve often joked that when we started camping, we would eat “like children”…. Continue Reading →

DIY 1300Wh Camping Power Station

When we started looking for some portable power, there seemed to be plenty of products on the market, but they were all quite costly… The Yeti Goal Zero 1400 power station is $1900! Our thought was that there can’t be… Continue Reading →

Staying Connected

Last Fall we had the chance to spend a weekend with our friends at SkyPixel Media to do some filming for a client of theirs. Our oldest son and Valentin did a great job working with the cameras and we… Continue Reading →

Boredom Buster Guide

Well, we were planning on spending this week in Utah exploring Zion National Park and the surrounding areas… but with everything going on right now and so much uncertainty, we decided to stay close to home. Last summer I had… Continue Reading →

Budget LED Off-Road Lights

Let’s be clear here… if you are running a $500k trophy truck and racing the Baja 1000, Mint 400, or King of the Hammers and the like… your lights are a critical component to your race and your sponsor’s investment,… Continue Reading →

DIY Wheel Alignment – Laser Level

SCROLL DOWN FOR CALCULATOR With all the rough terrain that we’ve been driving though lately, the $99 alignments were starting to add up. In our past life, we used to do string alignments on our race cars. (Keep in mind… Continue Reading →

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