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F150 Behind-the-Grill Offroad LED Lights

The way we see it, there are two purposes for off-road lights: to see, and to be seen. Doing more desert trips with other vehicles we wanted to be sure to have some amber LED’s at the front and back,… Continue Reading →

F150 DIY Aux Upfitter Switches

A clean switch install was a key requirement for us as we started adding some LED light pods to our truck. These will be used with the setup shown in F150 Behind-the-Grill Offroad LED Lights. There are plenty of universal… Continue Reading →

Where To Next? Finding Great Destinations To Explore

The big question always seems to be – where to next? It can be hard to find new places to hike, camp, or off-road. And honestly, when we started off-roading more a few years ago, we always went to the… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Aerodynamics, CFD of a Cooked Turkey

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here is a quick CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis of a turkey flying through the air at 65mph. (The airflow is actually better than was expected, and there is even a bit of an airfoil… Continue Reading →

Prioritizing Family Time

I’ll be honest and admit that sometimes when Val brings up planning a camping week that my mind starts to race and sometimes my first response is, “no – we don’t have time!” But here’s the secret. We will never… Continue Reading →

Overland Route Planning

As we started getting more and more into off-roading and camping, one of the first big challenges we started facing was simply figuring out where to go. Sounds easy, but not… All the well known easy access places are busy,… Continue Reading →

Affordable Roof Top Tent for the Family

When we stated to do more camping and overlanding with our two boys, there was one simple question that was surprisingly hard to find a solid answer to – Will a roof top tent work for a family of 4?… Continue Reading →

Building Our Backyard Oasis with Presidential Pools

To build or not to build? That was the question. We actually had our house listed on the market for about two months this Spring. We had gone back and forth a bit, but ultimately decided that our family really… Continue Reading →

Off-road Radios

Oddly enough, when we were getting our gear together for overland adventures, it was rather difficult to find useful guidance for radio communications. Professional race teams use the expensive equipment, sporting goods shops sell the restrictive low power handhelds (walkie-talkies)… Continue Reading →

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