At home, I am a big coffee drinker. Like, you would probably judge me if I told you how many cups of coffee I drink per day.

I’ve often joked that when we started camping, we would eat “like children”. Easy was the name of our game, PBJs, hot dogs, and energy drinks. I quickly discovered though, that chilly mornings at camp are just begging for a warm cup of coffee to be enjoyed.

Here’s what we’ve found to work best for right now:

We found a camping-style French Press that has given us the best coffee at the campsite so far. I have heard complaints from people before that French Press gets too cold, but I think this one from Stanley is unique because you boil the water and press it in the same container, and so far we haven’t had any trouble keeping it warm. In addition to our French Press, we are using quality, ground coffee beans. This makes all the difference. Of course, we are using our own roast xplr//create coffee!

Here’s what we’ve found that did NOT work for us:

  • The first time we tried to make coffee, we boiled water on our little propane grill… it took like 30 minutes for the water to get hot (which is longer than I can handle waiting for coffee…)
  • Instant coffee with the quick boiler wasn’t a terrible solution. It was quick, and it was “good enough” for about a year. I don’t generally use coffee creamer at home though, but the instant coffee was so acidic that we had to bring creamer with us to make it drinkable for our liking.

I know coffee can be a very personal and everyone has their likes and dislikes. I’d love to hear what you’ve found for staying remotely caffeinated, and if you have any recommendations!