If you are not deflating your tires for off-roading already, there are two big reasons for you to start.

  • It protects your tires (lower pressure lets the tires “wrap” around rocks and spread the pressure over a larger surface area to prevent punctures) this also gives your tire much better grip
  • It dramatically improves ride smoothness

We’ve done many trips airing down and filling back up the traditional slow way, and it is fine… but the more trips we go on, the less time we want to spend waiting on tires. So here is a quick guide and kit list for what we have found to be very quick and cost effective. Note that the deflators are a standalone item that just thread on to the valve stem and let air out till they reach the set pressure (you have to set it yourself when you first get them, but it is very easy); these let us thread them on and pay attention to the kids while the deflators do their thing.

4 wheel tire deflator1 $   19.95  $   19.95
Smittybilt Compressor1 $ 147.00  $ 147.00
25ft Hose2 $   16.65  $   33.30
Tire chuck set1 $   13.59  $   13.59
Hose T-coupler set1 $   10.99  $   10.99
1/4″ barb x 1/4″ NPT fitting2 $      3.38  $      6.76
Quick Disconnect Coupler1 $      5.47  $      5.47
Quick Disconnect coupler plug1 $      6.05  $      6.05
Teflon Tape1 $      4.03  $      4.03
20 pack hose clamps (10-16mm)1 $      9.99  $      9.99
DIY 4-wheel tire inflator build diagram