Below is a list of some of our current favorites for our weekend adventures! Val wrote a similar article in 2019 and highlighted the our chairs, cooler, plastic tubs and a few other essentials!

  • A new addition to our camping essentials, but it quickly became my favorite! We love the TemboTusk skottle for cooking EVERYTHING from taco meat to pizza and eggs in the morning.
  • Luci Light – I actually saw this when Jillian had it during our girl’s trip to Utah and I told Val about it when I got back — and he reminded me that we had one that I bought him years ago. *Facepalm* So we dug this small, but mighty light back out and it’s been on of our favs and it’s a bonus you don’t have to deal with batteries or charging it up. Solar power, for the win!
  • Travel Trash Can – Pack it in, pack it out! We love this travel trash can because it’s easy to setup and then collapse and throw in the back of the truck.
  • Yeti Can Insulator – Whether you’re enjoying your favorite local brew or a can of bubbly water, nothing tastes better than an ice cold drink! We love these can insulators, especially in the Arizona heat!
  • Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle – If you’ve followed me for any legnth of time, you’ve heard me talk about how we always bring our own water bottles to reduce plastic waste. I’ve always been a big fan of the Hydroflask bottle, but recently we switched to these Camelbak bottles because they fit better in the cupholders of the Raptor and 4Runner!
  • Leggings – These are my favorite camping leggings! At home I love my lululemon pants, but when we are camping or off-roading, these are my pants of choice. They’re comfortable and decent quality, all at a price point that is much more reasonable. I wore an old pair of these on my canyoneering adventure in Utah and was glad I did because I got holes in the booty of the pants!
  • Kitchen Set – I am obsessed with this kitchen set that we just ordered for our last trip. The silverware is great, the knife is sharp and the cooking tools worked great — and best of all, it all packs up super compact!
  • Dishes – These are the plates, cups, and bowls we have been using. The kids love them and they’re plenty strong. I like the little handle on the sides to make them easier to hold on laps or standing. I keep these packed up in a packing cube so they don’t get lost in our kitchen tub.
  • Camelbak Pack for Kids – This isn’t necessarily a camping essential, but for our family hiking and camping often goes hand in hand! These packs are great for the boys to carry their own water and snacks on the trail and were well worth the investment!
  • Yeti Ice Pack – We love these for keeping food cold, especially on longer trip. I generally have our Yeti cooler divided with food on one side and drinks on the other. I keep these ice packs with the food and fill the drink side with ice! This always lasts us through a weekend easily.

What’s on your packing list? We’d love to hear what your family brings along — share with us in the comments or tag us on Instagram!