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Where To Next? Finding Great Destinations To Explore

The big question always seems to be – where to next? It can be hard to find new places to hike, camp, or off-road. And honestly, when we started off-roading more a few years ago, we always went to the… Continue Reading →

Overland Route Planning

As we started getting more and more into off-roading and camping, one of the first big challenges we started facing was simply figuring out where to go. Sounds easy, but not… All the well known easy access places are busy,… Continue Reading →

What is overlanding, exactly?

Lately, I’ve been adding #overlandfam to a lot of my Instagram posts. It’s taken me a little while to own our place as an overlanding family. I often get asked though, what does mean to “overland”. It’s not a silly… Continue Reading →

Butcher Jones With SkyPixel Media

We had our friends from SkyPixel Media join us for a day in the desert before the New Year. While I often like to introduce them as “homeless”, Blake and Rachel are on a nomadic adventure. Currently, they’re based somewhere… Continue Reading →

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