As I’ve started to sort through my gift lists for this holiday season, I wanted to share with ya’ll a complete family gift guide for the adventurers big and small in your life!

This year has been… interesting, to say the least. Even though there have been many challenges throughout the year, I’m grateful for all of the extra time we’ve been able to spend together as a family exploring. Some of the things below are the items that have helped along our adventures this year, and some are hints for Santa.

Adventure Gifts For Dads & Husbands

  1. Stanley French Press Travel Mug – This is one that I learned about on my recent trip to Death Valley from Clarissa at Get Lost Overland, but it’s something I’m for sure getting for Val this Christmas. I love the idea of being able to press the coffee directly in the mug and with a travel mug, we won’t have to chug our coffee before rolling out of camp in the morning.
  2. Drift Air Freshener – I recently ordered this air freshener for the 4Runner, and after it arrived, Val asked me to order one for the Raptor too. I have the grove scent, and I love the smell and the fact that these are all-natural essential oils.
  3. Hammock – The bonus of traveling in an overlanding group, is that you don’t even need trees to hang up the hammocks! I’m personally not a big fan of hammocks, #momlife… BUT all three of my boys love them and it’s a great gift for those lazy days at camp.
  4. Adidas Hiking Shoes – Val has been using these shoes all summer and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, and drive in… but also have enough grip and support for keeping up with our kiddos on hiking trails.
  5. Eddie Bauer Camping Blanket – These are hands-down my favorite camping blanket. We have two of these and they’re perfect for nights by the campfire, but we also use them in our tent for extra warmth. They’re easy to clean with a quick wipe down, and tuck away into their own little sack for easy storage.
  6. Luci Light – We’ve worked on adapting our camp setup to being more sustainable, and I love this solar-charged inflatable light. It’s small but mighty.
  7. Blenders Sunglasses – I’ve been wearing Blenders for about a year, but Val recently got his first pair and I think it’s fair to say he’s equally obsessed. This brand has good quality, polarized sunglasses in spunky colors and designs.
  8. Keep Nature Wild Shirts – Most camping weekends you can find Val rocking one of his KNW t-shirts. I love their mission of picking up trash for each product sold, and their shirts are super comfy and have fun, Arizona inspired designs.
  9. Tru Flask 64oz Bottle – I love ice cold water, especially on the road or after a long hike. We’ve been packing a few extra large water bottles in the back of the truck full of ice and water, and this 64oz bottle would be perfect for keeping some cold water stashed away from day two or three of a trip.
  10. Tembo Tusk Skottle – This one is a bit of splurge, but we really do love our skottle and other than our propane to boil water, this is the only piece of cooking equipment that we travel with.

Outdoor Gifts For Mom & Wives

  1. Patagonia Jacket – This bad boy kept me warm when the temps dropped low in Death Valley in November. This jacket is super lightweight and easy to pack, but kept me warm in the wind and snow.
  2. Tinklebelle – The only thing that I’ll say about this one is that it was life saver all summer driving through tree-less Utah when all the bathrooms and rest areas were closed….
  3. Pocket Knife – I got this one before a few of my trips this past summer. It’s nothing super fancy, but it’s strong and useful to have around camp.
  4. Coffee – There’s not much I love more than an awesome cup of fresh coffee in the morning, especially if I’m waking up to some rad views from the tent too. This is our home-roasted blend, and my personal favorite.
  5. Chacos – I was many years late to the Chaco party, but now that I’ve discovered these… I’m never going back! I’ve hiked many, many miles in these this past summer and didn’t get a single blister. Love these for playing in water, chasing the kiddos, or exploring the desert.
  6. Leggings with Pockets – At home, I am a big fan of Lululemon, but when I’m climbing rocks and hanging around in the dirt — these are my favorite camp leggings. They’re high-waisted, have pockets, and come in lots of fun colors.
  7. Swig Skinny Can Cooler – This is my favorite for keeping my spiked seltzers cool in the Arizona heat. Great for adventures, but also perfect poolside sips. Just sayin’.
  8. Batisse Dry Shampoo – Hands down my favorite dry shampoo, it’s a classic and would be a perfect stocking stuffer.
  9. National Park Note Card Set – I’m not sure if I’m the only one who still sends snail mail, but I love these National Park Notecards for thank you notes or mailing stickers, checks, or anything else.
  10. Garmin InReach Mini – This is also a bit of a splurge but I love having the piece of mind on the road and out of cell service. Being able to text Val, share my location or pull weather when I’m “off-grid” has been awesome.

Gifts for Little Explorers

  1. Camelbak Mini Mule – These are perfect tiny-human sized hydration packs. My boys love carrying their own water and snacks (most of time) and certainly helps take some literal weight off of our backs.
  2. Shovels – We cannot leave for a trip without the boy’s shovels and the shovels are the number one source of entertainment where ever we go. Kids just love to dig.
  3. Hydroflask Kiddo Bottles – These are great for camping or just running errands around town. My boys are just as particular as I am about ice-cold water, and this one keeps the water cold for quite a while.
  4. Keens – If we are doing a hike that involves any sort of water, these are our go-to for the little toes. The boys have hiked a lot in their keens without blisters, and they seem to dry fairly quick and have a solid amount of grip in the water. These are the shoes they wore hiking The Narrows in September.
  5. Magformers – These has been a favorite in our family since the boys were little toddlers. I recommend these are the number one toy whenever any of my friends have kids and these magnets have held our boys’ interest and challenged their creativity for years.
  6. Campground LEGO Set – To say that our boys are obsessed with LEGOs might even be an understatement. Let your little one build the campsite of their dreams with this camp inspired LEGO set.
  7. LEGO Gadgets Book – This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for our oldest, but I accidentally left it laying out in my office… so I can personally attest that this was a well-loved gift. He had so much fun building different gadgets from this book.
  8. RC Buggy – Our boys love driving these around when we are out in the desert. If you have more than one kiddos though, be warned that they might not be able to drive multiple of the same RC vehicles at the same time because the remote communication can get confused — still fun and worth having though!
  9. Sunday Afternoon Hats – My youngest son is a pale-skinned ginger, and this is my favorite hat to keep him protected and sunburn free when we’re outside. My boys love the reversible designs on this particular hat, and I love that this hat is one they will actually wear all day without complaining.
  10. Gold Panning Gear – So, it’s not likely that you will strike it rich with this set, but my boys have had so much fun panning for gold in different rivers as we travels through the states. It’s a fun activity that our whole family has enjoyed!

I’d love to hear what’s on your list this year! What did I miss?! Drop in the comments or message me on Instagram.

Whatever you are celebrating this year, I hope it’s a good one. 2020 has challenged many of us, and I hope that the holiday season brings a bit of peace and joy to all of our lives.

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