F150 DIY Aux Upfitter Switches

F150 DIY Aux Upfitter Switches

A clean switch install was a key requirement for us as we started adding some LED light pods to our truck. These will be used with the setup shown in F150 Behind-the-Grill Offroad LED Lights. There are plenty of universal things on the market, but most of them were bulky and looked kind of tacky. We really liked the ford raptor OEM switches, but those only came in a set of 4, which we felt would not be quite enough. Then after searching other options, the perfect solution presented itself in a 2017 F250. There is an option that others have done that also uses the upfitter relay box, but that ends up being a bit pricey, and the relays max out at 30A.

If you are interested, check out our budget minded approach below!

  • $14.81 – HC3Z15A404B – WIRE ASY. (Plugs into switches)
  • $34.60 – HC3Z-13D730-AA – Switch Assembly
  • $16.89 – 12V Fuse Relay set (from amazon)
  • The rest was 12ga wire and misc hardware that we already had
HC3Z-13D730-AA 2017 F250 auxiliary upfitter switch
2017 F250 Auxiliary upfitter switch assembly with 6 switches and wiring harness.

The pinout for the switch assembly:

  • Switch 1 – Pin 4 – Yellow
  • Switch 2 – Pin 6 – Green/Brown
  • Switch 3 – Pin 10 – Violet/Green
  • Switch 4 – Pin 9 – Brown
  • Switch 5 – Pin 8 – Blue/Orange
  • Switch 6 – Pin 7 – Yellow/Orange
  • Dimmer – Pin 12 – Violet/Grey
  • Power for Switch 1-4 – Pin 11 – Green/Orange
  • Power for Switch 5-6 – Pin 5 – Green/Red
  • Ground for Switches – Pin 3 – Black (For switch back-light only)
2014 F150 2017 f250 auxiliary upfitter switch install wiring
We extended the wiring harness and wrapped it with OE style harness tape.
2014 F150 diy auxiliary relay panel rivnut threaded rivet insert
The relay panel was made from an piece of scrap sheet metal laying around the garage (an unused shelf for a wall cabinet). Note the DIY rivnut install process.
2014 F150 diy auxiliary relay panel rivnut threaded rivet insert
Relay panel for the switches fabbed up and rivnuts installed. These will make it much easier than dealing with nuts on the backside of the relays when installing.
2014 F150 diy auxiliary relay panel fused
Relay panel all assembled and wired up. Note the use of the fused relays, this eliminates the need of a separate fuse block and significantly saves on space.
2014 F150 diy auxiliary relay panel under good
The relay panel is then installed in the back driver corner of the hood using an existing fender bolt. This will have every switch pre-wired so that as we add more equipment all we need to do is attach it to the screw terminal. Which will make it easy to reconfigure things also.

Now with the meat of the wiring complete, it is time to get on with the switch install.

2014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
Once the roof console is removed, the sunroof switch panel (or in this case just a cover) can be popped out with a few clips.
2014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
The wiring will be able to fit through that opening there.
2014 F150 roof console sunglass tray removal aux light switch
To remove the sunglass tray, start by popping out these spring loaded gear sets.
HC3Z-13D730-AA 2017 F250 auxiliary upfitter switch
Aux switch height measurement
HC3Z-13D730-AA 2017 F250 auxiliary upfitter switch
Aux switch width measurement
014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
Sunglass tray measured and marked up for cutting out the slot for the switches
014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
Since the clips of the switches wouldn’t work in this configuration, the simple solution was to bond them in place with JB Weld. Pro Tip: put the mixture into a syringe for easier and more precise application.
014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
Adding some tape to the tip of the wiring bundle helps stiffen it up for feeding through the tight gaps.
014 F150 roof console sunglass tray aux light switch
The wiring was super easy to route through the headliner and down the driver side A-pillar
HC3Z-13D730-AA 2014 F150 auxiliary upfitter light switch install 2017 f250 roof console sunglass tray
The 2017 F250 factory upfitter switches work perfectly with the F150 interior and console. The blue and amber backlighting is an exact match, and when wired up correctly work flawlessly with the in-dash dimmer controller.

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  1. Austin

    NICE writeup! I’m going to be doing this soon on my ’13 F150 and this looks very OEM which I like. One question: Where did you find the switches and wire harness for that price? Everywhere I look its nearly double that.


    1. Savannah

      Hi Austin, we found the switches off eBay and the wiring harness we found online from a Ford Dealership in Florida that they posted. Hope this helps!

  2. Zack

    Is the harness long enough to route through the firewall or did you have to extend the wires yourself? Did other plugs on the harness get cut off?

    1. Savannah

      Hi Zack, the harness was a good bit too short, so we did have to extend the wires ourself. And yes, the other plugs did get cut off and wires were run to Bosch relays.

  3. Neil

    Will be doing this too. Did you wire pin 11 & 5 to a switched 12v source? And where did you tap into the dimmer circuit?


    1. Savannah

      Hi, Neil! Great questions — yes we did wire 11 & 5 to a switched 12v source! We tapped the dimmer into the output from the dimmer knob by the left driver knee. Good luck with your project!

  4. Justin

    Thank you for this. This is the info I needed to do this retrofit in my 2020 Toyota Tundra. I have been searching for this info for weeks and you provided everything I needed in a single post. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Savannah

      Hi Justin, so glad you found this helpful! Good luck on getting these installed in the Tundra!

  5. Brendan Corr

    did i miss what pins are the ground and keyed 12v for lighting? i’m trying to retrofit these in a non ford vehicle so i need to know how to make them work without any ford interface.

    1. Savannah

      Hi Brendan, thanks for the comment! We have actually edited the blog to include this — we appreciate you pointing it out!

  6. Ty B

    what exact modifications did you make to the wiring harness? I have a 2020 f250 XLT and I want to add these switches but I am hazy as to what all you did to it. this is exactly what I have been looking for.

    1. Valentin

      I didn’t have to modify any of the truck harness (other than tapping into the dimmer switch and power, but htose are just the blue crimp taps and a fuse tap). The harness that was modified here was the one that I purchased from a 2017 F250 basically just to get a wired plug that plugs into the switch assembly. from there you just cut it, and splice on longer wires to reach the relays under the hood. hope this helps!

  7. brendan corr

    so i’ve just completed this, wired directly to schematics, when i flip any switch on, they all go amber. switch 1-6 each go to a different relay’s pin 86. violet/grey to dimmer, switched power for the switch power etc. any help?

  8. brendan Corr

    disregard^ had a bad relay doing some weird things

    1. Valentin

      glad you got it sorted out!

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